Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunset from a bridge over the Sabarmati river , Ahmedabad.

Part of a classroom assignment. The album was on Andean music. I listened to all the songs over and over again. I have tried to reflect the mood of the songs in the illustrations.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

studio photo shoot

Used a spray to create this effect. Photoshopped it to some extent.

Worked in a group for this one. Thought of making an print ad for Carlsberg beer. Well had to get fishes and an aquarium for this one.

I have an interest in photography. I got a chance to try out studio photography last semester.

This was one of the photographs I had taken on the first day. I used photoshop to make it into a print ad for Ray Ban.
I adjusted the lighting and then asked my model to think of the words 'never hide' and give different expressions and went on shooting.

Boy on the moon

I got a chance to make a storybook during semester 3 at NID. My story book was about a boy named Pintu who gets into trouble because of his lies and lands on the moon. I named it "The Boy on the Moon".

About the title

Well most of my friends and seniors have been blogging. So I thought that why don't I start blogging and share my work with people around and get some good feedback.